2.16.2019 Ontario Mills Lunar New Year Festival

10.19.2019 United Kung Fu Tournament

United Kung Fu Tournament is a special event for all KungFu Schools students. The event is held annually and entry is by invitation. United Shaolin Tournament's purpose is to unite KungFu Schools, to exchange what all have learned through competition, and to be inspired by higher learning. In various categories of competition, students see different forms, weaponries from peers as well as different teaching methods. This is truly a special event to observe and to get involved in. The judging bodies are the Shaolin KungFu Schools Master and Shifus and visiting China Shifus. Special performances are performed during the competition. This is a special event and many government officials attend to honor the event. Various medias are also present to cover the event.

Ontario Mills Lunar New Year Festival Feb 16th, 2019. Thank you Ontario Mills for your hospitality by having us performed at last weekend 2019 Lunar New Year festival to Celebrate this New Year with the mall guests! - ELC Hosted Chinese New Year celebration on the evening of Feb 16th, 2019 at Hope Center Auditorium, city of Ontario. Thanks all students and parents, the kids were amazing, great job everyone!

8.17.19 Panana night market - Ontario mill

9.21.2019 Shaolin Warrior Ranking Test

12.14.2019 Shaolin Warrior Ranking Test

6.29.2019 Shaolin Warrior Belt Test

Feb 9th, 2019

performance at Alta Loma Christian Church. Thank you Pomona Valley Chinese School for having Lunar New year celebration with us. Happy new year to you and your family!

7.08 - 7.26.2019 Shaolin Summer Camp

Finishing off 2019 to congrats all students! You have made amazing progress this year, some even pick up a new belt! We know because we have seen how well you did in the last ranking test 12.14.19. Also another good news and big congrats to our student Lily on her new Red belt! She is one of the 3 students to achieved this level in all shaolin brothers schools. We couldn’t be more proud of her, let’s all give her a hand for her success! Bravo our students well done!

7.4.2019 4th July Parade city of Ontario

4.6.2019 Shaolin Warrior Belt Test

2/9/2019 Pomona Valley Chinese School

Ontario mill Panana night market performance. Our students did so well we are asked to go back for more! what a great time we had. Thank you Panana for the invite and will be there again. thanks all the parents for your help. Photo By Tony

4th July Parade city of Ontario spectacular, with special guests our shaolin brothers from STCC Temple city and STCC Chino hills joined the parade this year. Shaolin Kungfu flourishes in the land of independence! Happy 4th! Thanks everyone for help ! Photo by Tony Blindman Nguyen & Reggie Manuel - thank you!

Congrats everyone with another accomplishment.keep going stronger our Shaolin warrior team! - Photo - By Tony www.shaolinabc.com Thanks to our volunteers Tony(photo),Reggie (photo) Izumi (Videos),Kaing, Lily for help our school.