Congratulations all students! Great job for beginners group as well as all other students, everybody has shown such improvements and move up to the next level all the results of your determination and hard work. Hope everyone continues to keep going and growing! We also invited high-level students from Temple city for demonstration, over all it was a great experience for STKC students.

The grand opening day of Shaolin temple Kungfu center (STKC) is 6/10/16. We are excited to show everyone our Shaolin Kung fu and health classes. STKC will be opened and classes begin on 6/10/16.


To: STKC’s Students
Currently, all of STKC classes are opened classes.  Since the number of students are increasing, as a result we might have different levels of students at the same time. For this reason, the new classes schedule will be created to separate students by group per level. This grouping will help the Shifu to have better concentration in the training on each student and the students can focus only on what they will need to learn according to their level.

Please follow the new schedules accordingly starting
09/01/2016 and feel free to choose class times and days during the week that available for your level.

 Thank you very much for your cooperation and support,

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center

9.25.2016 Shaolin warrior Belt Test

7.4.2016 Independence Day Parade - Ontario

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Our past week Christmas/Year-end party and Belt ceremony at STKC. Thank you all parents and students for your support that have made this a great event. We had plenty of food, performances and prizes for all the kids. Special thanks to Chan Master Shi Yanli & Master Yanxu from Shaolin Temple Cultural Center on your support by letting senior students to perform at our party. Also thanks all our friends and guests, we appreciate your support

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center Master Yan Yi and KUNG FU LIFE Chino Hills Master Yan Ji students joined the city of Ontario for July 4th 2016 celebration parade. We are the first Traditional Shaolin Martial art to participated in such big and fun event.

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this is our first year joining Rancho cucamonga founders day parade.
Our students were great and everyone had a great time!

6.10.2016 Grand Opening

12.11.2016  Year End & X'mas Party

11.12.2016 Founders Day - Community Parade

in Rancho Cucamonga