On March21, 2004, a China songshan Shaolin Temple Delegation led by Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin was honored by the California State Assembly with the proclamation of "China Songshan Shaolin Temple day." A full scale Shaolin Kungfu performance by the world famous shaolin warrior monks followed at Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco led to an annual tradition recognized by Shaoin Temple Cultural Center and all of Southern California Shaolin Kung Fu schools in carry on the traditional Shaolin Kung fu, Chan and culture in the US. On March 18, 2018 Shaolin Temple Kungfu Center was proud to be a part of this annual event and let our students to meet and share experience with other schools' students and Masters. Thank you organizer STCC and all other participating Shaolin Schools and see you next year! - Great Photo by Tony Blindman Nguyen &Izumi Blue

4/07/2018 Shaolin Warrior Belt Test

Belt test 4.7.2018. Quit a day of actions from all students! Everyone received new belt and certificate. congrats to all and wish everyone to excel even more on the next level. STKC strives to bring traditional Shaolin Kung Fu wisdom to create healthy mind and body!

2.24.2018 Lunar New Year performance

Lunar New Year 2018 celebration at Alta Loma Christian school Organized by Pomona Valley Chinese school. Families enjoy the fun games, food, and kung fu performance from STKC ! Thank you everyone and have happy dog year! —— Photo by Tony Blindman Nguyen

3.18.2018 Shaolin Temple Day Celebrate