7.4.2017 4th July Parade - Ontario

3/26/2017 testing day once again we see our students putting great performances, students and parents should feel excited to go up the next level! stay tune for the result coming up this week .... thanks to everyone!

Recap of 2017 4th July parade.This year we are back to city of Ontario full of Shaolin spirits, out students fill the street with awesome performance and have some fun with the crowd. thank you the city of Ontario for organizing this annual tradition and allow us to be a part of. thank you all the parents and students for your support.

1.24.2017 Chinese new year celebration Performance

2.11.2017 STKC sponsor and performance for Pomona Valley Chinese School

Summer class is now over, these past 2 weeks students had a great time not only practicing special form but also had so much fun playing kungfu soccer! Congratulation for making it through many hours of physical acitivities, it takes commitment and effort on your part and we are happy with what you had learned. Thank you all for participating in this program. have a great time the rest of summer and keep continue practicing!

STKC joined in Chinese new year celebration @ Goldy S. Lewis Community center Rancho Cucamonga. Despite of the heavy rain, the room was filled with guests enjoying our performance. It couldn't have been a better night! great job all students for your effort, determination and participation in making this great event to start of this new year of 2017! 

6/18/17 ranking test. Receiving next level belt is a reminder of your hard work you have put in and to recognize your accomplishment. We are happy to see your progress and Congratulations to all! STKC mission is to promote Shaolin's way of creating stronger and healtier for both body and mind.


It was a memorable and quite eventful at our One Year Anniversary Celebration yesterday 9/10/17 to see everyone come together with friends and family. We can’t thank enough for all your supports that have made this event a great success. We also would like to show our utmost appreciation to all the Masters Shifu Yanyue, Shifu Yanhong, Shifu Yanqing, Shifu Yanhui, Shifu Yantuo, Shifu Yanan, Shifu Yanqi, Shifu Hengruo, and Shifu Yanli and their students that came out despite their busy schedule to give special performances for this event. Hope everyone enjoyed and had fun with us, here are some of the photos from yesterday. Thank you again!

We end the year of 2017 with a big congrats to those students who just passed the test and received your new belt. Everyone did a great job, we are proud and happy of your results. keep it up!

3.26.2017 Shaolin warrior RANKING Testing

09.10.2017 1 year anniversary party

Great times with all students. STKC performed at Buddha's birthday and Vegetarian festival at Ling Yen Mountain Temple. Big thanks to the temple for inviting us on this special day and thanks to all students and parents on your always supports and make our event great!

5.7.2017 Buddha's birthday performance

12.17.2017 Shaolin Warrior Ranking Test

6/18/17 Shaolin Warriors Ranking test

o7.17 - 7.28.2017 SHAOLIN SUMMER CAMP

Pomona Valley Chinese School Chinese new year celebration event at Alta Loma Christine School campus on 2/11/17.

STKC was invited to join one of the year biggest cultural event for asian community. The event features Lion dance, Chinese arts and craft, various games, food and course Shaolin Kung Fu performance! kids and families enjoyed a day full of fun and learning about Chinese Culture.