Registration Deadline:  January 28 - Shifu Yanyi will schedule a video recording date for each competitor. The recorded video  will be submitted  to the Shaolin Temple in China.  It is very honorable to support the Shaolin Temple in China and present our school to others. 

- Registration Fee: $20 (first applicant) $13 (each additional family member)

  Register by Message Send to (909)551-1305 (Name,age,level)

-  比賽作品將由師父安排時間進行錄 制,完成作品將轉于主辦單位中國  嵩山少林寺參賽。
-  請踴躍報名參加網路比賽,支持主辦單位,同时给自己更多历练的机会!

​Shaolin Kungfu Online Competition Recording

Please reserve a date to record your video during class time 1/24-1/28/2022

We will be recording videos of each student regardless of participation in the online competition.  Parents will receive a copy of their student’s video.  Please be aware that we may use the videos on our school website as a way to promote our school.  

For anyone that wishes to participate in the competition please let Shifu know and we will submit the videos.  Participation in the online competition is not mandatory.  

Please reserve a date to record your video and follow the listed dress code for recording:  a red robe,  a black pants, a belt, and the Kungfu shoes.

最后一星期進行視頻錄影的學員,請遵守以下服裝規格:  红色制服,黑色功夫褲,腰帶,功夫鞋。